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Morning guys.

Ok I have more kefir babies ready and looking for new homes.  I’ve gone to my waiting list and people have either not replied or have now found a supply of their own.  I havent got time to go through everyone so I think the best thing to do is just say that the first three people who add a comment to this post can have them.

I’m really sorry to people who are genuinely waiting patiently but the list just isnt working so I’ll pop up a notice everytime I have some spare and we’ll do it this way 🙂

Once three comments have been added, can people watch out for the next lot (it doesnt take long for me to have some ready)

I’ll email the three people and then ask for a SAE.  Soon you’ll be on your way to bowel bliss!  Its quite an exciting way to do it I think and then everyone stands a chance!

By the way, I’ve started shaking my kefir as hard as I can everytime I walk past the worktop where they live and I’ve really noticed a difference in the resulting milk.  If I catch it just right now its as thick and creamy as any yoghurt.  It also tastes better, not quite so sharp.  I don’t actually know what the shaking does but I shall keep it up!

I bought some of that powdered milkshake stuff.  Nesquick I think its called and have started adding that to the kefir along with a little milk.  Its gorgeous!  I know what you are going to say, its full of chemicals but I only add a teeny amount and i’ve gone from holding my nose and drinking the kefir straight down to actually enjoying the drink so in my book its got to be worth it! 😉

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