I know I’ve not written anything on my blog for a while but there has been so much going on at this end.

We have finally got most of the renovation finished, just waiting on some new doors coming and then we can actually sit down and relax on an evening!

I’ve been walking the legs off the dogs and we all feel better for it.  Well when I say ‘we’ that’s probably just me as the dogs favourite hobby is sleeping.  They have such an easy life.  They get up, have a little snooze while i’m getting ready for the walk, have food, then a couple of hours serious sleeping after the walk.  Wake up in time for a bit of stick throwing or play fighting, then time for more food before settling down for the evening.  Honestly they are not themselves if they don’t get a good nineteen hours sleep a day!

Anyway we go over into the national forest checking out the wild trees and bushes and remembering where all the best rosehips and apples are ready to start picking them later in the year.  I’ve found some apple trees out in the forest that have lovely sweet apples on them.  I plan to make wild apple and blackberry jam at the end of the week.  Talking of blackberries, I’m really dissapointed in this years crop. I guess its due to the bad weather but most of the berries are small and hardly worth picking.  Anything of a decent size is mushy.  I’ve usually got a glut of them in my freezer by now but I’m struggling to get enough for a decent jam making session.  I hope the weather dries out a bit and they improve 😦


I hope to post a bit more often now the nights are drawing in.  I’m sure that will please my parents.  My mother keeps telling me that I should update it more often so people can see what I’m up to.  My dad says if I don’t write something soon he’s unsubscribing!!  I don’t know… forty one years old and I’m still getting told off by my parents!! Bless them both 🙂