Hi all.

Well I am still here but its rather hectic so writing on my blog has been pushed down my ‘to do list’ i’m afraid.  We have had the wall taken out where the modem was so no internet for a while but I’m back online now.  I missed surfing but its no biggie, however my teenage son was in a bad way and even muttered something about ‘going out’ once or twice.  He’s back to himself now though and we can have a proper conversation… through MSN of course! 😉


I’m going on holiday in a couple of days but after that I hope normal service will be resumed.  I’m off to Spain for a few days to catch a bit of sun.  Actually thats not true, I don’t get sun tanned, I just lose my bluey whiteness!  People always want to sit next to me on the flight home because I’m so pale and I make their tan look great! 

I’ve been checking on the wild apples and they are coming on fine.  The blackberries are well into bloom as well so it won’t be long before I can start this years supply of jams from the wild.  I hope you are all busy collecting jars.  I manage to get most of mine from friends and family, its amazing how many jars they can save in exchange for a nice pot of jam lol!

I’ll see you all when i’m less pale……..  😉