The night before last we had a lovely piece of organic beef for tea. I cooked it raised on a rack of veggies to let the lovely juices run out.  I drained off the juices and added some fat back to the pan and squashed down the veggies.  I then made a delicious gravy by adding a bit of flour to thicken it and then slowly added some water from my steamed vegetables.  I then strained it to get rid of the veggies that had supported the beef.  I ended up with a gorgeous thick gravy and didn’t need to add anything but a little seasoning to it.  Perfect!

 The remaining steamed vegetable water was refrigerated overnight to go in yesterdays ‘breadcakes’  That just leaves me with the remaining beef from the joint…. so I made a spaghetti!

As its a leftover dish, the ingredients change every time but here’s what I used in last nights meal:

Leftover beef joint
One onion plus a couple of garlic cloves.
Tin of tomatoes.
One carrot
, grated finely.
Mushrooms/celery from my dehydrated stock as I had no fresh.

Heat a solid bottomed pan (I always use cast iron pans) and gently fry the onions until they go a golden colour.  I make no apologies about my big onions in the picture… we love them!  Add the garlic at this point so it doesn’t burn.

Cut the beef joint into small pieces.  I find it easier to whizz it round a bit in the Magimix.  I leave some pieces of meat a bit on the large size, I just think it adds to the dish. 


Add the meat and tomatoes to the onions and garlic mix.

Next, pop in mushrooms, celery and carrots.  I had no fresh mushrooms or celery in so used the ones I had already dehydrated.  I often prefer the dehydrated ones as the flavour is so concentrated.

Season and add any extras you may think it needs for flavour.  I added some mixed herbs, basil, half a kallo cube, a little honey and a square of chocolate.  Add a little water if it looks dry.  I left it simmering for about an hour because hubby was late in from work.  It wont spoil, just add a little more water if needed.

I always add something sweet such as honey or a little chocolate to a savoury dish.  It really adds a depth of flavour to the dish.  And the chocolate seems to add a real richness.  Give it a try when you are next experimenting 🙂

I have to apologise for the blurry picture… its my hubbies fault.  I took one photo and was just lining up the dish in my viewfinder again so I had a couple of pictures to choose from when the dish dissapeared from the screen… hubby had knicked it!  He wouldn’t put it back as he said he was starving so I’m afraid we all have to make do with this picture.  I’ll not shout him in next time until I’ve finished lol!